George Auto & Boat Upholstery
1013 Dove Dr., Manchaca, TX  78652 - (512) 577-1467
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Who we are:

A wholy-owned company, we specialize in vehicular upholstery, to include automobiles, recreational vehicles, trucks, boats and aircraft. At the client's option, we can reproduce the original factory upholstery scheme, or create an original upholstery theme.

With 25 years' experience, we have many examples of our work in daily use, from new and restored vehicles to custom work that reflects the client's needs and wishes.

We do what others cannot or won't do.

How we work:

We can work at the client's site or do the work in our own shop. In most cases, we can remove seats and panels to work on them at our shop. For additional areas to be upholstered, we take measurements to do the work at our shop and then take the precut and assembled work for on-site finishing.

What we do:

In the case of vehicles, we can do the work directly on them at our fully-tooled shop. The customer is always welcome to check on the job's progress at our premises.

In the case of boats, for the larger vessels we'll work at the marina or boat yard. If they are small boats that can be easily transported on a trailer, doing the work at our shop will be generally faster.

For aircraft, we'll do the work at the airport, bringing over finished panels, seats and precut, fully assembled modules as needed.

Our Guarantee:

We guarantee our work for design, materials and workmanship.


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